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Starting at $1.99
  • 200 MB
  • Up to 60 High-Res Photos
  • Up to 3 Mins in HD Video

Pricing may vary depending on delivery date.

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Starting at $2.99
  • 400 MB
  • Up to 120 High-Res Photos
  • Up to 6 Mins in HD Video

Pricing may vary depending on delivery date.

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Starting at $3.99
  • 600 MB
  • Up to 180 High-Res Photos
  • Up to 9 Mins in HD Video

Pricing may vary depending on delivery date.

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Questions? Answers.

Is my information safe on your website?

All information uploaded and stored on Skypod’s state-of-the-art vault servers is encrypted to ensure that no one has access to your information. It cannot be accessed by any third party or external entity. We pay meticulous attention to safety and confidentiality. Only the intended recipients (excluding minors) or trustees can access the data and information left for them. Skypod stores your information using Amazon's Cloud technology. By using Amazon's services, we are confident that you will always benefit from the unparalleled accessibility control and user discretion.

What is the guarantee that my Skypod will be delivered in the future, particularly if it’s after my death?

When you create a Skypod, an instant notification goes out to your recipients but its content won’t be viewable until the date you’ve set for it. It is done via our automated timeline powered by Amazon Web Services.

Can Skypod see the info I upload and store on your website?

No, Skypod cannot see the info uploaded as it gets encrypted prior to the upload is processed and stored on Skypod’s secure servers.

Can I edit a Skypod after I’ve sent it?

You can only edit the title of the Skypod, not its content or delivery date.

Can I cancel a Skypod after I’ve created one?

You have up to 30 days to cancel any Skypod you’ve created but no refund will be issued for cancelling.

What is the max Skypod size limit?

Up to 600 MB.

What file format can I upload?

Any mainstream format.

What is the cost of a Skypod?

  • $1.99  (200 MB, up to 60 High-Res Photos, Up to 3 Mins in HD Video)
  • $2.99  (400 MB up to 120 High-Res Photos, Up to 6 Mins in HD Video)
  • $3.99  (600 MB up to 180 High-Res Photos, Up to 9 Mins in HD Video)

Can my Skypod be viewed accidentally before the date I scheduled?

No, it cannot. The designated recipients will have no access to your Skypod until the date you’ve set at the time you created it.

What if I don’t login for an extended period. Will I lose my stored Skypods?

Even if you do not log in regularly, your information will remain secure. To ensure that your information stays up-to-date, you will receive periodic email reminders.

How is Skypod different from Facebook or other sites that allow me to save stories and photos?

Skypod is not only a storage platform. It is mainly a time capsule that allows you to also share your memories, messages, photos and videos with loved ones both during and more importantly after life.

Do I need a computer / desktop to use Skypod?

No you don’t. Skypod was actually designed for smart phones and tablets to empower users with the flexibility to upload and share anywhere anytime.

I can’t afford to pay for the Skypod service. Can I still use Skypod?

You can always email us at to find ways to assist you in using our Skypod services.