3 reasons to create a Pod today

We at Skypod are all about living life to the max. Important life events, fun experiences and life lessons are what give life meaning. We all want to be happy, fulfilled and taken care of. We have a phrase for this, Things That Matter.

Here is a quick list of reasons to create your first Skypod today.

Transmit your values

Values and life lessons are hard earned. They make up our personality and shape our future. Why not create a pod to catalogue this information in a way that can be shared with your family in the future? Maybe you want to help your teenagers navigate their transition into adulthood. Or maybe, you want to have a centralized location for all this information to live in.


Our friends are incredibly important members of our life arc. The moments we share with them are some of our most cherished. In the era of smartphones, we tend to document these moments in extreme detail. We have a trove of media, and what better way to use it than creating pods for them?

Passing Away

We have life insurance, but what about legacy insurance? By creating and documenting your pods, you can ensure that your children and/or family can hear from you during and after life. Maybe you want to ensure that your children hear from you if you aren’t around for them in the future. Creating pods and delivering them at key dates can be a very meaningful way to communicate your message. 

In summary, we hope this guide helps you get going with your first Pod. We hope you take advantage of our technology and product thinking.

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