Skypod is an innovative new cloud platform that allows you to record and upload personal videos, photos and other digital files to be delivered to one or more recipients and made viewable at a later date. A safe, secure, digital time capsule that can deliver memories and messages to your loved ones both during, and after life.

The platform offers users multiple size options with flexible delivery dates and times suited for the end user’s needs. The encrypted digital time capsules are safe, secured messages that are delivered immediately and made “viewable” on a later time and date. It is ideal for users who may want to share a video message on a momentous occasion, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, or to leave behind some words of wisdom.

Our innovative platform was developed to help people share messages in the form of photos, videos and other files with loved ones on any date in the future. The idea is to empower people by giving them the ability to send messages that are important to them, even if they may not be around to deliver them.

How it works

Let's get into the details.

Fill your pod

Fill your pod

Share photos, videos, life advice, words of wisdom or any other memory or moment that's important to you. All of which will be encrypted, then delivered immediately to the people you love.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Choose 1-100 recipients for each Skypod you create. Simply enter their name and email address and we will do the rest. Remember these time capsules are encrypted so this next part is important!

Opening Date

Opening date

You choose the exact time and date up to 5 years in the future for recipients to view the contents of their Skypod. This allows age appropriate messages to be opened and made viewable over time.

Within a few seconds, the recipient will have access to the items you wanted them to have. Skypods can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.